To the 25th fret and Beyond!

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Here's an effect that someone else has already described, but I don't know if they mentioned that it can create a whammy bar effect, too, not to mention the highest note you can get without artificial harmonics. Take any string (better with plain, best with high E). Push it down on one of the coils of the neck humbucker, or one edge if there's a cover (this happens to be my setup [Les Paul]; don't know if it works with Strats or similar guitars). Pick as you push the string into the pickup. The pickup should tilt, making the note go up, but then you should depress it, making the note come back down. The result sounds like a bend, only more fluid -- like a whammy bar. You can pick at different times to make it sound like you're going up or going down, too. It's kind of a trick, but it's also a noise because it's a damn high note. It's good when you reach the 22nd or 24th fret and you realize it's not high enough. Actually, doing this with the B string sounds more like a "25th fret and beyond" continuation than doing this with the E string does. On the E string it's just a damn high note.

WARNING: I don't know if it's just my cheap Korean (Epiphone) guitar, or the trick, but the right side my neck pickup sunk into the body. It wasn't like the minute or the day after I did this trick, but it was after I discovered it. So do this if you have faith in your neck pickup, and/or you can easily repair this kind of stuff yourself. I did, and it's not a problem anymore.