Floppy Strings

from Art Cohen - artcohen@pgg.peco.com
A double-locking vibrato is necessary for this. It also works best with extreme distortion settings (I use a Deluxe Big Muff into a RAT). Dive down until the low E string is almost completely slack. Then pick the string. If your rig has enough low end you get sime great rumbles and floppy speaker noises. While doing this you can also fret the string and bend it up, creating a sudden bump in pitch. You can also whammy down just a little more so that the string is pulled against the magnets of the pickups. This causes a crashing noise which is abruptly damped. Jiggling the vibrato arm will cause the string to bang into the pickups repeatedly. If your distortion and bass response is heavy enough, you can grab the floppy string with your fingers and move it back and forth across the pickup, making a scraping sort of noise with each pass.

I play electronic space music on the guitar and have used the above techniques on my albums "Real Time" and "Available Space"