Microtone Scale Guitar

from soundman@tiac.net
I've got a technique that will turn a regular scale length guitar into a Microtonal scale. First, you need a pick with rough texture on its edge. This can be the pick design such as a stone pick or you can create your own texture with a nail file. Second, select the rhythm pickup. Thrid, using the rough edge of your pick scrape the string behind the pickup but before the bridge. This shorten the scale length. My suggestion is to find the fifth interval of whatever tuning your using (on the high E in standard look for the B) Fourth, use the pick as a bow and fret away as needed. All fretting will be reduced to a scale length shorter than the Western half step/Whole step system thereby creating a more Far Eastern tone. It rocks with distortion and either a phaser (preferably a Mutron BiPhase or the underrated Boss Auto-Wah. Next time I'll attach a wav. file.

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Steve Genovese Boston, MA

PS: Pick up a copy of Mick Goodrick's The Advancing Guitarist. He totally encourages this type of unorthodox playing along with theoretical improvising techniques.