Moggio's Bag of Tricks

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Church Bells

You grab the g-string with your left hand ring finger and pull it over the b-string. Make sure their touching each other and then pluck them. It sounds just like a church bell. Try overdubbing a few tracks and you'd be surprised how great it sounds.


Turn guitar volume down, and also push your whammy bar down to an almost slack position with your left hand wrist. Slowly start tremolo picking with your right hand and then slowly turn up the volume with your left. As your doing all this slowly start to release and reapply pressure with the left wrist on the whammy. You get(especially very loud distorted guitar)a giant WWIII Helicopter sound! Experiment!

Hot Rod Car Sound

You need some pretty good gain on this but it's pretty easy to do. Turn your volume knob off, almost slack your whammy bar with your left hand wrist, hit say a low E, and with your right hand start to turn your volume knob up and simaltaneuously bring your bar up.Quickly shut off the volume But leave the bar in the position you shut it off at, then start to turn your volume on again and simaltaneuously raising your bar up. Find the right rythmn and time the volume knob and bar to the gear changes of a hot rod.

Poor man's Echo

Play a lick and say you end your phrase on the 2nd string/12th fret (B Note), with your left hand slide the note down the neck, quickly hit the same note with your right hand middle finger, slide the same note down the neck, repeat the same note with the left hand and slide again. Repeat as much or little, as slow or as fast as you desire. Just make the movement as smooth as possible.

Another Eddie Sound

Grab and depress the whammy with your left hand and with your right hand middle finger push the low E against the bridge pickups pole pieces and simultaniously bring the bar up and down. It will change the pitch of the bleep and it works on all the other strings too!

The Laugh

Grab the bar with your left hand and slack the strings about halfway. Now with the edge of your pick, scape and bounce it on the strings (start in between your humbuckers) Angle the pick so that it's it at a slight angle (like this __/_), so it catches the string alittle, and bounce it towards the neck pickup as you time the release and depresion of the bar. Get a feel for the big sounding HA HA HA HA.


If your trem has a bar that screws in, don't tighten it up all the way. Cranked up and muting the strings with your left hand, rock the bar back and worth in it's loose slot. Try not to get any string noise, just the sound of the bar rocking, the tailpiece shouldn't even move. Just another cool NoIsE.

Hog snort

Once again, depress the whammy bar with your left hand and time the raising and lowering of the low E with the picking of your right hand.

Alley Cat

Mute the strings, depress the whammy bar, keep the strings QUIET. Once you hit a note, let the bar SWOOP up and while it's ringing depress it slowly and let it back up again. Once again mimic the kittie's meow. Using a Wah Wah pedal does wonders but it's not really needed.