Moggio's Bag of Tricks

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Under String Bar Slide

Take your bar and dip and slack the strings. While the strings are flabbing there, shove the bar UNDER whatever string you like, say the G. Let the bar up and it will be under the string, as you pick you can slide the bar up and down on it's axis UNDER the string! You can mute all strings before you dip, or just let all the string noise come through ala Hendrix.


With the move above, and preferably a floating trem, you can pop strings on your guitar. Definately an end of song thing.


Take a string that you cut with some wire cutters or one that breaks at the nut, and play it by picking it and putting tension and releasing tension with your left hand. It's a very nice effect.

Floating Trem Technique

Don't have a Floating trem? While your playing a run, reach behind the fretting hand with your pick and use the pick as a wedge to pull the note/notes in and out of pitch.

Danger move

One of my former moves involves shoving the peghead straightdown against the floor, lean your body weight on the guitar. Use your weight to bow the neck flat and use the whammy to stretch it sharp. Many variasions on this one. Use a wall, your amp...But beware, you can crack your headstock or break it off, I have an Ibanez with a crack on the back of the headstock. Beware!

Guitar Drag

Thats a name I got from an artist who had a segment on PBS' Egg. He took a guitar an amp with a generator, he tied a guitar to the back of his truck and dragged and recorded it through the surrounding landscape. I always did a similiar trick by gribbing the tip of the headstock and swinging it everywhere. You get so many noises from it. You bang it on the stage, the cable gets tangled around the strings, you can even let it go and watch it slide across the stage. Don't knock it until you try it!

Guitar Rumble

An old SRV trick. You take your guitar off and you lay it on the ground. You grab the whammy bar and you pick up and bounce the guitar on the floor by the whammy. You bounce it up and down and as SRV did you can reach down and flip the guitar in circles.

Breath Bow

If you can get to a good place volumewise where you can take your hands off the guitar without feedback, you can hold the guitar up in the famous Jimi play with your teeth mode and blow across the strings! It's a heavenly effect. Use the bar to manipulate the sounds or if you have a guitar without a locking nut, you can push and wiggle behing the nut as well.