Tea & Bacon

from - chrisa1@flash.net
This is a pretty hard and unreliable noise, but I love it when it works well. Most of the time, it's just tea (high pitched squeal, like a screaming tea pot), but sometimes you get bacon, too (sizzle). Okay, the effect: It's basically your standard harmonic squeal, but it's higher than usual because it's not done on the fretboard. Another plus is you can do it with just one hand. Also note: You have to have a fingernail to do this. With your right middle (or index or ring) fingernail, pop the string (usually for me the high E). Then immediately stop the string to almost mute with your thumb, but do not completely mute it. Leave it barely buzzing. You can do this two ways, one with the thumb already on or near the string, and the second is done by nearly slapping the thumb (result of this method is louder, but more difficult to stop the string just right). Distortion is a must! I discovered it with mucho distortion (simultaneous Big Muff and heavy metal pedals going). It works with smaller. Make sure the distortion does not kill the effect, because the string is barely vibrating, and a pervasively distorted signal or noise gate could kill the effect. But, the sizzle comes best with excessive distortion. It's a hard deal to describe, so try it, get frustrated with it, and improve it. Works best with bridge pickup. And if done right, there will be some high frequencies going on, so keep it down or wear ear plugs -- I wouldn't subject a hole-in-the-wall club full of people to this.