Tom Morello's Dead Pickup Switching

from Guitar World (I believe)
Another trick used by Tom Morello, used in several songs, is pickup switching. This isn't switching between two pickups to get a different tone, though. He turns one pickup on full, and another completely off ( you can do this on guitars that have a volume knob for each pickup, such as a les paul ) and plays notes while switching in between. This results in a stuttering effect that sounds like a really fast tremolo unit.

"Bullet in Your Head" Lead Break Intro

all notes sounded from hammer-ons

x - pickup flick (turn pickup on long enough to sound the note, then turn it off)

Also, Adam Hart sent in this FYI:
If you have a Les Paul or similar, and you want to do the Morello switching pick up trick, be warned! Rapidly switching between totally on and totally off pick ups builds up heat in the selector circuit board and can fry it! my guitar tech friend has affected this repair countless times and warned me not to try it for prolongued amounts of time on my own guitar.