Noisy Transition

I dont know what to call this sound/noise whatever and its kinda dumb, but hey, whatcha gonna do. its an old trick that i started using years ago that involves only distortion and very very very fast picking. generally, its best used right before a change in a song like you would use a drum fill. all i do is speed pick (im talking really damned fast. make slayer look slow) on the b and/or high e string and hold your fingers at random places over the 5-6 fret and move back down to the first. try to avoid hitting the strings open since itll make it sound stupid and you really have to move your left hand like the rest of the neck has the plague and the only escape is to the first fret. both of these techniques (the speed pick+random fast left hand harmonics) pulled off well creates a nice little bridge for that little bit of time you have in a song when ya just feel like making your drummer make funny faces.

p.s. listen to some noises in my music here.