"Freebird" Bird Noises

from Adam Hart - Hammet1@aol.com 
When Lynard Skynard plays live, they make these high pitched bird chirping noises before going into Freebird. Since they sound better with highs, but your guitar to your treble pick up and grab your glass slide. (Rounded edges help a lot but aren't necessary.) Jack up your volume and knock your tone back a little. Remember, you're about to play something very high pitched. You want all your trebles up so the noise gets picked up very clearly, but you don't want to shatter your fans' ear drums with rediculous highs. Softening up the tone just a little takes the edge away.

Take the slide in your right hand and position it over the pickups, strike the edge of the slide on the high e string , and slide a short way with it. You should get a little chirp. Make sure to be muting the strings with your left hand on the neck, or else the string will sound when you remove the slide.

Repeat this as necessary, and you can use any of the unwound strings. High e just sounds better than the rest. It sounds even better with 3 guitarists doing it, a la Lynard Skynard. Enjoy.