Jeremy's Bag of Tricks

From - Jeremy Hunter
Here's a bunch of random guitar effects. Quite a few from mike einziger(however you spell that name) of incubus.

For the'Pardon me effect'
Also used on knice to know you and are you in. delay set it about on second and 4 repeats , theres apart in the song where he just hits a note and lets the delay repeat. That should give you the settings. He also has a phase after the delay to give it the cool tone or whatever you wnat to call it. I dont know.

then play the chord just and voume swell starting from 0.

The chords are all on tab sites. Usually prety acurate.

Here in my Room effect
That random solo from here in my room is alos phaser and delay. Its a semi slow phaser with distortion after it. Also some delay or reverb. before the phaser. I cant get the delay sounding write yet but the general idea is the phaser with a high end distortion to get teh kinda of screaming efect. the dealy helps add to it. The actual notes are (i think)

21 19 15 13 19 21 x2 on the high e string. but more likely it is played an octave lower but using an octaver pedal.

Oh and of course its very heavily tremelo picked. If anyone perfects this please tell me the delay settings.

on clean the guitar sound like a drum its awesome and very impressive. Im pretty sure its just a phaser on high resolution and etheir a muted string being play or tapping on the pickup or something.

Some other random effects

whales? screams?
trun volume down. bend a note up a fair bit. then chuck on delay pick the note then voume swell up while slowly unbending the note. also do it starting undended as well. put the delay on a fairly short delay time with about 3 repeats maaybe.

Scratch effect thing

Put a short delay on with about 4 or 5 repeats. And a fairly quick phaser scratch slowly. it is an interesting effect. could be cool. i think incubus uses it.

Computer beep sound.
With a les paul style guitar turn one pickup down and the other one up so you have a kill switch. Put long delay on and feed back on as much as possible. play a note then quickly flick the pickup up selecter on then off. then start adding a lot more random notes and you get some computer machine beep type things.

i thought i had a lot more effects but i have forgotten them now. But delay is the main thing. im not very good at explaing things so email me if need clarification.