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Moving Pickup

Take any pickup you are not usingor get off a guitar you're not using and mount it in a holder of some sort (I made a little hand-grip with output jack) and you connect it to your amp. You can play legato with your left hand and then you can hold this new contraption over any part of the neck to get different tones! You can also get some nasty/funny sounding overtones that play sympathetically behind your fretting hand!

Whammy bar as noise maker

Pop or unscrew your whammy bar and you can use it to make all kind of great pings and bleep sounds and long extended slide noices.

Tapping chirp

On the high E string, play any familiar tapping run but instead of hitting a note cleanly with the right hand, slide the string off the fretboard to make the tapped note chirp. It's a cross between EVH and Vai!

Right hand Vibrato/Grabbing string to add vibrato

Not so much a trick but a great technique, especially with a floating trem. For example: Hit the e note on the 3rd string 9th fret. As you are holding this note, add wide or whatever vibrato you prefer by grabbinb the 4th string or lower and pull up and down or side to side. This will cause the floating trem to rock up and down at whatever speed you prefer. Great technique.

Extra long bar

On most trems especially Ibanez 'pop' trems, you can take the bar out and put it back in with the long part of the trem into the trem hole. This will make your bar poke straight out! Alot of possibilities here, you can really pull the strings SLACK or you can use it like a gear shift in playing position.

Ugly side neck fretless

On your high or low E String, pull it off the neck with your right hand and quickly place your left hand on the string and play until you get a spot that will get picked up by the pickup. It will sound like a fretless, you'll probably only get a few spots where you'll get some notes but it sound so weird and cool when you do!

Leg whammy

A funny thing you can do is place the guitar so it's between your legs and you can do some tapping, picking and use your leg on the bar! If you record using this technique and say 6 fingered tapping, you will confuse even the most seasoned pro!!!