John Petrucci's Warble

from Mark Henderson -
Hey, alright! Its the VERY FIRST .wav file on this site. It was sent to me by someone on IRC (You know who you are.). And you all should follow his example! Send as many .wavs as you can!!

Well anyway, enough babbling on, here it is. This one comes from John Petrucci of the band Dream Theater. In one of his songs, during the solo (I cant say I'm a Dream Theater fan so I dont know which one.) He kind of hits the wammy bar hard enough for it to go down, and spring back up, vibrating the note all the way back up. As far as I know, this only works on a Floyd Rose style locking system.

Here it is! petru.wav - 151K WAV file

This guy Dave Ostrer sent me this little FYI too - I enjoyed looking through your site. Just figured you would want to know, what you call a "wiggle guitar" sound actually is call a "worble effect" or "warble" in most effects books and guitar magazines.

Thanks Dave! Come back soon!