Car Sound

1) First take your wammy bar and drop it all the way down so that it is toching the body of your guitar. (You might want to use your left hand to do this so that your right hand is free to hit the stings) It should make your guitar lower if you have Tremolo system and it sounds higher you went the wrong way. It might be fun to try that too. I don't have one so I don't know what it would sound like.

2) Hit the low E-string and let the bar go up. The speed dosn't matter one if done quikly it sounds like you it the gas hard and left it there. Slowly makes it sound like your are taking off in a powerful car slowly.

3) If you move the bar up and down quikly it sounds like a car reving up. I will try to send a sound file as soon as I figure out how.