Morello DJ Scratching

from 'Wes Borland'
I know of another noise that concerns a Tom Morello technique, the DJ scratching sound.

To do this you need a les paul style geetar or a guitar with a volume for each pickup, then set the neck pickup to "0" and the bridge pickup to "10", so you create a kill switch when you toggle between positions 2 and 3.

Now with the switch set on 2 (the middle of the 3) smart moving your hands over the strings, but not fretting any notes, then push the toggle switch into the 3rd position then put it back into the 2nd. flick the toggle switch to get the desired speed of the cuts. flipping the toggle switch gives the same effect as a crossfader for turntables, and your hand is the scratching. so flip the toggle switch to the beat of the music and rub your hand up and down at any speed. voila!

i can't send an example cuz my computer doesn't have the ability to record sound (no mic) but if you want to hear this in action check out Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine on Evil Empire.

Also, Adam Hart sent in this FYI:
If you have a Les Paul or similar, and you want to do the Morello switching pick up trick, be warned! Rapidly switching between totally on and totally off pick ups builds up heat in the selector circuit board and can fry it! my guitar tech friend has affected this repair countless times and warned me not to try it for prolongued amounts of time on my own guitar.

Be warned!