Last updated: September 17, 2005
85 Noises and Counting!

On the future of Noise.html (here to stay, with more updates!)

Noise.html is a site dedicated to unorthodox ways of playing and thinking about the guitar and other similar stringed instruments. This includes making strange noises, clicks and buzzers using only a guitar or by using effects pedals in strange ways. The site was originially inspired by the playing of Tom Morello, but has evolved since into an open forum where users can submit their own ideas.

This site has been the longest relationship I've had in my life. I started it when I was a freshman in high school, and now I'm done with college and trying to make it on my own. I admit, it's been somewhat of a negligent relationship on my part (updates have been unexcusably few and far between), but I'm never not amazed at the noises that still come in and the positive feedback that I get.

I'm going to try to go on a linking binge over the next few weeks to try and get more traffic through this site. In the meantime, I want to ask you all a question - how can the site improve? What could I be doing better besides updating more? I'm starting to think there's a reason why Noise.html and I have stuck together for so long, and perhaps it could be a very lucrative reason. If any readers think that this site would be a good investment and would like to talk business with me, I'm all ears.

Keep submitting, and thanks for all the positive feedback. Look for good things in the future of this site.

Mark Henderson - 09/16/05
henderson.mark [at]
Aim: Aphelion Z

Sumbit a Noise! Do it!!